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General SPvP Tips for the Guild

Pryde / Aug 28, 2012
Now that the game is officially out, I am taking it upon myself to upload some of the tips that the guild was recently talking about regarding the guild cooperating together for PVP.

1- Openly express your interest in PvP to other guildies that are interested in order to form teams, sparring partners, and tourney teams. If you don't know anyone interested, ask!

2- When you have a group of interested players, decide on days you can all get together to PvP, whether its to practice together, or discuss strategy and tactics, or discuss builds. Post those days on the websites calender!

3- In order to be successful in PvP, teams should participate in our ventrilo server so they can talk amongst each other. Even if you can't talk, being in ventrilo means you can at least listen.

4- In order to succeed more than you fail in PvP, teamwork is essential. Discuss stategies, builds, your characters pros and cons, and what kind of role you aim to play in a match to build your groups synergy with each other. (Example: My guardian is a support type character meant to run with 1 or 2 other players and keep my 2 other higher damage group members in positive situations throughout fights or used to mainly tank bases, etc)

5- Keep the saltiness level to a minimum. If you are not familiar with the "salty" term, it means don't cry every time something doesn't go your way or you lose. It makes you look negative in the presence of others having a good time, and can easily carry the morale of your whole team down. If tactics are not working or things are just going south, just pool together your resources and address the group in an appropriate manner with your opinions on how to better the situation. "He who keeps the calmest head on the battlefield is the least likely to lose it."

6- Literally practice with your classes and builds either with the guild or on your own in random matches before telling your team its pros and cons. You can spend hours designing your perfect build and it can all sound good on paper, leading you to claim it can do x and y, yet when its time for you to do so in a match, it might not work the way you thought. Practice to make sure your character is an extension of yourself to maximize effectiveness.

7- Finally, be a team player. There is a time to be a lone wolf and solo another player, but it's not all the time. Generally, everyone has to be on the same page. Communicate and let your team know what you are going to do before you do it. "Where's the enemy!?" "Over there" is an example of bad communication. Where's over there? Use common sense, and above all else, stay calm when giving orders or providing updates.


I'd agree, if the author had more credibility.
Actually I am merely the publisher. The author is Azure ;)
Indeed, I am writing things! lol
In that case.

/clap clap BRAVO GOOD SIR well written!
Although, I can't abide by number 5. If we fail, it's always someone elses fault, cuz ofc I'm perfect.
Yeah I agree with Outt. I mean why the fuck should we lose because their back couldn't hold Outt for more than 1 minute
Btw Azure you're really outdated with the salty term. Salty was used like 3 years ago smh...
I play a lot of fighting game outside mmo's, salty is still a very used term in the gaming community, your generation wouldn't understand. ;)
Also smh is overused nonsense. :p

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